EW You!

vara bungas: REC instrumentu kaste

[..] Weapons testers looked at a suite of tools delivered to U.S. Army Europe as the gap between Russian EW capabilities and the United States grows.Those systems, which were a combination of program of record capabilities and rapidly developed systems, included:

– The Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT), which provides commanders with command and control of the electromagnetic spectrum;

Raven Claw, an add-on to EWPMT, which allows soldiers to conduct electronic warfare planning and management on the move and without a network connection. This is critical in Europe, where troops are rarely tethered to a static command post;

– The Versatile Radio Observation and Direction Finding Modular Adaptive Transmitter (VMAX), which provides a limited electronic attack and sensing capability,

Sabre Fury, which is a vehicle-mounted system for direction finding and jamming.

The weapons testers observed the 173rd Airborne Brigade and 2nd Brigade/1st Infantry Division during Joint Warfighting Assessment 18.1 at Hohenfels, Germany. That assessment is a multinational training event that focuses on joint and interoperability.[..]


2 domas par “EW You!

  1. Es teiktu, ka mums vajadzīgs kāds SPIKE NLOS, kas spēj redzēt un iznīcināt ienaidnieka REC iekārtas. Mērķēšana pēc izstarojuma avota.

    • Raidītāji jau bieži neko nemaksā. Izkaisāmie traucējumu raidītāji ir artilērijas un aviācijas arsenālos. Kaut kādas krasuhas etc – jā, bet arī to dara artilērija un aviācija. Pozīcija vienmēr ir precīzi zināma.


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