Versija eksportam

[..] In Aluksne  the Infantry School gave graduates of the first volunteer reservist course who became soldiers. The Ministry of Defense, however, is developing a general, nation-wide defense system, with its own share in all the inhabitants of Latvia.[..]

VB:  Sorry, mašīntulkojums no ee-valodas

Those 38 people who volunteered for a reservist course and now, after four weeks of training, have given, studied or work in different fields of warfare, the “Actual Camera”learned  out.

As more and more people in Latvia are willing to contribute to the Latvian Defense Forces directly, not through Land Conservation, Parliament has created the opportunity to do so.

“Although Latvia has chosen a professional army and not a local military service, there is still interest in or interest in society in the form of volunteering for the sake of the army and for the protection of the state,” said ERR’s correspondent Ragnar Kond.

Volunteers trained in infantry training for four weeks, practiced shooting and combat skills, learned to orient and give first aid. Another one week is attended by Namejs, a major in the field of infantry brigade.

“If there is a crisis, we can somehow help and play a part in solving it,” said economist student Kristaps Skuja, who participates in the course.

“The Latvian Defense Forces are keen to have people who have the skills and who can assist in the X hour,” said Irbe Šmidte, a logistics contributor to the course.

A few years ago, according to the concept approved by the Seimas, there should be 3000 reservists in the peacetime in Latvia, but they are already twice as many.

“We have 8,000 reservists. It is important for us to invite them to regular exercises to test their skills,” said Lt. Gen. Leonid Kalnin, commander of the Latvian Defense Forces.

The Latvian Ministry of Defense, however, wants to increase the role of everyone in the state, more precisely in defending themselves and their families, finding that only the military is not enough. Discussions about whether the system to be built includes the construction of shelters, are still ahead.

“Currently, there is only one such system in the world in only four countries – Israel, Switzerland, Singapore and Finland – and this is also an active concept in Georgia. We also want to move in this direction. We see that it is very true that people are aware and understandable. The story is not merely military threat, but the crisis that has emerged in any country and its overcoming, “said Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis.

Life can bring everything, says the Minister of Defense for compulsory military service, but now Latvians do not plan to create it.

vara bungas: re, kā aug rezerves karavīru skaits, nu jau 8000 ir uz strīpas, likumā noteiktais plāns pārpildīts gandrīz trīskārši. Ok, iegaumēsim. Ar rezerves karavīru apmācību četru nedēļu kursā gan tik skaisti neiet, jo pieteikušies kā atceramies 97, ieskaitīti kursā 42, bet pabeiguši 38. Normāls atbirums – 61%.

21 thoughts on “Versija eksportam

  1. Labs projekts. Pazīstu dažus, kas izgāja apmācību.
    Tagad vajag tikai vairāk interesentu, garāku apmācības laiku un pamazām būsim nonākuši Lietuvas stila BOMD. Domāju, ka šis ir 1.solis uz to, netracinot un nebaidot tautu.

  2. es te padomāju… varbūt Kalniņš ar šo teikumu tomēr degradēja ZS = PD uz atbilstošu landšturma varēšanas līmeni? Domāti tomēr bija 8k ZS ?
    “We have 8,000 reservists. It is important for us to invite them to regular exercises to test their skills,” said Lt. Gen. Leonid Kalnin, commander of the Latvian Defense Forces.

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