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[..] VILNIUS (Reuters) – The Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia said on Monday they had agreed to link their power systems to other European Union members through Poland as they look to reduce […]

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[..]Sources say that, with sea transport neither quick nor easy to organise, it’s clear the Russian armed forces had planned the recent delivery for some time. Indeed, the Russian army has spent the past several […]

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[..]А вот оперативно-тактическое учение с привлечением 9 тыс. солдат и офицеров, 650 единиц боевой техники и даже оперативно-тактических ракетных комплексов «Искандер-М» в Калининградской области, зажатой с двух сторон странами, входящими в НАТО – Польшей и […]