Bitīt matos

The Armament Inspectorate in the Ministry of National Defence in Poland has signed the contract for the supply of four sets of the mini FlyEye unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a training package for $3 million. […]

Dienas grauds

[..] If the Russian side has indeed deployed Iskander-M missile complexes on the territory of its westernmost region, this could lead toward multiple repercussions, one of them being further regional destabilization. In effect, Russian talks […]

Ir vēl virsnieki

[..] Some 26 generals and 260 top officers have left their posts in the last 16 months, frustrated with an apparent favouring of soldiers loyal to Law and Justice, Poland’s governing party, and the defence ministry’s failure […]

PiS !

[..]“It is time to end the defence ministry’s role of being a centre for purchasing foreign defence equipment. The modernisation will be based on the capacity of Polish industry and Polish research.”[..] [..] “First of […]

Dienas grauds

[..] «Būsim godīgi, kara gadījumā mēs, visticamāk, būtu lielgabalu gaļa. Es nekad neapsvērtu domu bēgt,» [..] bildes [..] Starting from 1st March, each man who is obliged in line with the general defence obligation, may […]