Helge slīkst (papildināts 10.11.)

Informācija no vesseltracker.com par AEGIS sistēmu nesošās NO fregates “Helge Ingstad” bojāeju (?)  atgriežoties no Trident Juncture 2018. mācībām.
Thu Nov 08 09:44:09 CET 2018

Coming from the NATO manoever Trident Juncture the Norwegian fregate KNM “Helge Ingstad – F 313” was in collision with the “Sola TS” on Nov 8, 2018, at 4 a.m. off the oil terminal in the Øygarden municipality in Hordaland. The fregate was breached at starboard side and started to list. The ship was threatened to sink with its stern being submerged.

The pumps could not cope with the water ingress. 10 tons fuel leaked into the water. Seven persons suffered slight injuries. The fregate had a crew of 137 on board. 127 were initially taken off with life rafts. At 6.30 a.m. the commander decided that also the remaining 10 had to abandon ship. All were taken to the Sure Terminal. The lifeboat “Kristian Gerhard Jebsen II” was involved in the rescue mission. Only the commander of the frigate went aboard the “Sjøbrand”, a boat of the Bergen Fire Department. There were reports of smoke development on the ship, and specially trained fie fighters were on standby, though it was not confirmed that there was a fire on board. The crew of 23 of the tanker which had sailed from Sure at 3.50 a.m. were uninjured. The ship suffered only slight damage. On scene at the tanker were the tug “Tenax” (IMO: 9348716) and the pilot boat “Los 131” (MMSI: 257299000) and kept the tanker which had 625,000 barrels of crude oil on board, in pos. 60° 43.09′ N 004° 48.35′ E in the Hjelte Fjord. The fregate, which meanwhile was pulled to shallows in pos. 60° 38.24′ N 004° 51.87′ E, was surrounded by the SAR-ship “Roede Kors Hordaland” (MMSI-No.: 258206500), the offshore-tug “Stril Herkules” (IMO-No.: 94042599, the tugs “Velox” (IMO-No.: 9317066), “Tronds Lax” (IMO-No: 9451252) and “Ajax” (IMO-No.: 9210983), the Norwegian fregate “Thor Heyerdahl” (MMSI-No.: 259045000), the Navy units “Steil” (MMSI-No.: 259049000), “Sleipner” (MMSI-No.: 259046000) and “Skudd” (MMSI-No.: 259048000) as well as the fire boat “Øygarden Brannvesen” (MMSI-No.: 257820600) and the patrol boat “Bergen” (IMO-No.: 9389368) of the Norwegian Coastguard. The chairman of Øygarden, Børge Haugetun, set up a crisis command in the town hall of the municipality. An exclusion zone was established. The oil and energy company Equinor closed down the Sture terminal. The employees were evacuated. The production of the oil fields Ivar Aasen und Edvard Grieg was stopped. At 10.30 a.m. the starboard list of the fregate started to increase faster, and the ship settled on the bottom.

Reports with photos and video:




https://www.nrk.no/nyheter/tankskip-og-fregatt-kolliderte-1.14284192 https://www.dagbladet.no/video/z8P2x8617m8







UPD1 Baumu līmenī  ziņo, ka Helge gāja ar izlēgtu AIS transponderi


5 thoughts on “Helge slīkst (papildināts 10.11.)

  1. Nu nevaru es šo saprast. Kā kara kuģis var nepamanīt kas notiek apkārt? Tāda sajūta, ka lien pa brikšņiem, kur nevar zināt ar kura krūma lācis.

    • CSN notika ja ne fjordos, tad uz šauras jūras takas pie ieejas/izejas, tankers bija ar pilnu kravu 625,000 bareļu naftas, tātad ar lielu inerci, iespējams ieskrējies, fregate arī nav maza. Divi ziloņi trauku veikalā. Nav variantu, ka tankeris varēja “nobremzēt”.
      Kā var spriest no šīs shēmas Helge nogrieza ceļu tankerim, cerēja izšmaukt.

      • Ja satuvojas piere-pierē tad “izmainās” katram paņemot pa labi, Ja kursi šķērsojas, tad jāpiekāpjas tam, kuram otrs kuģis ir ” no labā borta”

        tā ka detalizēti kuģu kursi mums nav zināmi, neko spriest nevaram.


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