What’s Wrong with NSA

The XX Committee

Dear NSA,

Hi, it’s me again. Although I left the Agency a few years ago, I still think about you a lot and, in recent months – thanks to that awful Ed guy – I’ve been writing and talking publicly a good deal about you too. Plus, because I agreed to that whole lifetime secrecy oath thing on my very first day on the job, we’re separated but we’re never gonna really get divorced, are we?

Nevertheless there are some things I’d like to get off my chest. My comments in the media in defense of intelligence, generally if not always specifically, have led to me getting a lot of flak from haters about being a “shill” for NSA and whatnot. Of course that’s not true. There are things that need change with the Agency and the unprecedented catastrophe surrounding the Snowden case offers an overdue shot at making smart…

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