Igauņu izlūki ziņo

vara bungas: … diezgan acīmredzamas lietas,

[..] Russian armed forces, the Belarusian forces may be currently called Russia’s “Belarus Military District”[..] avots


[..]The formation of airmobile, or “new type”, assault units in the Airborne Forces is a major objective of the Russian armed forces during this decade .[..] avots


…bet ir arī jaunumi

[..] Another interesting aspect to look out for in the Zapad 2021 exercise is China’s possible participation in the Zapad series for the first time . China has taken part in Russia’s annual strategic exercises since Vostok 2018 . If China also confirms its participation in Zapad 2021, it will be intriguing to see how the Chinese armed forces define their role in a military operation against NATO in Europe[..] avots




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