Dienas grauds

…Trying to keep NATO cohesive and adaptable is laudable, but will it work? To get some poorly equipped European forces up to the level needed to work with the Americans in Afghanistan was a struggle, but lives depended on it. Exercises cannot provide the same urgency.”

The Economist

“…Every war results from miscalculation,” said French Maj. Gen. Michel Yakovleff, Brunssum’s deputy chief of staff for plans. “It’s a big miscalculation to threaten and then attack a NATO ally, and it may have been a miscalculation of NATO to be a bit late in the game. Because we’ve had to catch up with events.”

Stars and Stripes

6 domas par “Dienas grauds

  1. Tātad, NATO atzīst, ka ir nogulējuši saistībā ar PSRS, atvainojos, RUS/BEL kopējām mācībām “Zapad”, nelikdami pretī neko tikpat jaudīgīgi-daudzskaitlīgu?


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