Slapjām kājām pa parketu

vara bungas: Staigājot pa novilktu tauvu arī sauszemes žurkām būtu kaut ko jāsaprot no peldēšanas.  Zemāk hipersaite uz detalizētu apskatu par RU JKF mācībām “Океанский щит-2020”,  kas arī notika šajā augustā un  kas vainagojās ar 2K lielu jūras kājnieku  desantu (336. JK brigāde)Karaļauču apagabala piekrastē. Tomēr atkārtoti vēršu uzmanību uz secinājumiem, kas norāda uz RU nodomu slēgt Dāņu šautrumus, kas ir ne mazāk mums svarīgs koridors par Suvalku-Marijampoles šosejām. Iespējams pat svarīgāks, ja SE konfliktā paliks neitrala, bet BY apvienosies ar RU.

Izcēliumi mani.

[..] The 2020 exercise did not use Kaliningrad as an isolated position but as a forward base from which offensive maritime operations could be launched. The exercise started immediately with the landing of a battalion sized force on a simulated hostile shore, using Kaliningrad as the port of embarkation.

The use of Kaliningrad as a forwards base remained a central theme on the second day with the exercise focusing on base security, repair capabilities as well as supplying warships through the use of special build pontoon.

[..] The 2020 exercise saw a clear offensive scenario, namely using the naval infantry as a theater opening force who secure an initial beachhead that can be used to raid enemy positions or as a point of insertion for larger units belonging to the army.

Once the beachhead was established, the fleet is tasked with eliminating the hostile warships, submarines and aircraft which are send in to counterattack.

As soon as the Baltic region was clear of enemies, the surface task force left for the North Sea where it intercepted a second surface task force and struck vital infrastructure, either belonging to the initial enemy or its allies. A possible mining of the Danish Straits would further limited the influx of reinforcements into the Baltic Sea and isolate the opposing forces.

Following the destruction of the opposing forces in the North Sea, the surface task forces headed back into the Baltic Sea to eliminate the remaining forces in the area. At this point, the Baltic Fleet is expected to have gained total sea control over its adversaries in the Baltic Sea while also having eliminated a potential first wave of reinforcements stationed in the North Sea [..]



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