Stiff upper lip

vara bungas: šitais labs, lai gan iedalījums šādās kauju intensitātes kategorijās nav akadēmiski apstiprināts. Kāda veida kaujas darbība ir sagaidāma? Afganistānā? Šeit?

Quick Collapse: The security situation deteriorates rapidly in the wake of a swift Taliban offensive, causing the collapse of the civilian Afghan government and/or military. The Taliban takes control of the south, east and west in short order, and presses its offensive to seize Kabul and the north.

Consolidate and Fight: The Afghan government consolidates its lines and abandons areas that it is hard pressed to maintain a presence in, with the goal of securing those areas that are more easily defended. This means the Taliban regains control of the south, east and west, while the Afghan government fights to defend the capital and uses its forces in an attempt to clear the Taliban from the north.

Slow Burn: The Afghan government and military remains cohesive and the Taliban is unable to mass its forces and take provinces. However, the Afghan government still gradually loses ground to the Taliban, much as it is doing today.

Stiff Defense: The Afghan government unites, secures foreign support in the wake of the coming U.S. security vacuum, puts up a stiff fight against the Taliban, and holds the line throughout the country. 



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