10 domas par “Dienas grauds

  1. Es ar pielikšu kādu citātu 🙂
    I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.
    (c) George S. Patton, 1944.

  2. AŠ – apvienotais štābs? Vairāk administratīvām funkcijām, sadarbība iepirkumos utt, vai ar operacionālu nozīmi un funkciju deleģēšanu no nacionālā līmeņa?

    • Operacionālai nozīmei par maz personāla. Drīzāk sadarbība, reālā stāvokļa novērtēšana un vadošo norādījumu retranslēšana. Jebkurā gadījumā tas ir pozitīvs un cerīgs solis.

    • – The word “German Defätistin” is repeatedly heard
      – “Moscow-bullshit” of Europeans
      – “History shows us that dictators will always take more if you let them. They will not let their brutal behavior dissuaded when you fly with them to Moscow ”
      – Americans do not believe that Putin can be moved without massive pressure to an agreement. And Europeans do not intend to build the pressure.
      – “It pains me to see that our NATO partners now getting cold feet,”
      – “We would send no four divisions in Ukraine, as the Europeans fear. It is a relatively moderate supply of anti-tank weapons. ”
      – “We would not be able to deliver as many weapons that Ukraine can defeat Russia. This is not our goal. But we must try for Putin to raise the price on the battlefield to slow this whole problem so that sanctions and other measures to flourish. ”
      – “I would like to urge you to use the word defensive systems that we would deliver against Putin’s offensive systems”
      – Russian artillery kills by far the most Ukrainian soldiers. Therefore, it would require systems with which they located and the fire can be answered quickly.
      – The communication of Ukrainians is either disrupted or completely absorbed. That’s why they need tap-proof communication device.
      -Then I am not going to talk about some anti-tank missiles, but we see massive supply movements from Russia to Ukraine. The Ukrainians need the ability to turn off these transports. And then I would add a few small, tactical drones.

  3. Borys Filatov
    18 hrs ·
    Чем мы отличаемся от русских?
    Тем, что мы можем обзывать своего Президента последними словами, проклинать его и обвинять во всех смертных грехах.
    Мы шумим, скандалим и ( о, ужас!) создаем дебильные паралелльные штабы. Мы жгем шины и перекрываем трассы
    Потому, что мы – живые.
    Мы даже скачем на майданах.
    А вы целуете мертвячину в ее ботоксную задницу.
    Потому, что вы – фарисеи и гробы окрашенные.


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