vara bungas: Paldies CIA! Deklasificēts PSRS artileristu manuāla tulkojums. Visnotaļ lietojams arī šodien, jo nekas daudz nav mainījies nedz artilērijas  ballistikā, nedz lielgabalu un minmetēju konstrukcijā, nedz to  pielietošanas principos. Lejuplādējiet!

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10 thoughts on “Arta

  1. One of the aspects we’ve heard Russia focused on was electronic warfare. Was there any EW aspect that surprised you?
    The amount of jamming of their own troops surprised me. It was at a level we haven’t seen. And they did it in the different branches, so land force, Air Force. That definitely surprised us. The threat of the Russians is that if they are jammed, they can fall back into a civilian infrastructure on their own land, which gives them an advantage in operating in the vicinity of Russia. So, they have that advantage. They tested [their own troops] to learn how to switch into their own cable network and not to emanate anymore, but to deal with the problem. We have to approach the problem as a complex problem — not just jamming, but also what other means can we use in order to disrupt the Russian communication system. It probably includes some cyber activities. But we have to use them. Then of course we have to think: How do we protect our own communications? What are our solutions in cases of electronic warfare that then kick in?
    Should we expect to see Estonia attempting to invest in certain areas to deal with this?
    I think so. I think we in Estonia, as a small country, have understood since a long time ago that it’s a problem for us. We have to find different types of solutions, [figure out] how to deal with it. Finding alternative methods to communicate with the troops using our own civilian infrastructure, telecommunications companies possibly, and using all we have in place in Estonia. Our advantage also is that we are fighting in our own country so we can use what we have. Also, again as a small, poor country, we can still command troops using a paper map. We have done that always. So for us I think it’s not that big of a problem. The problem will kick in with reinforcement troops from other countries which are far away from home and probably in higher echelons. When we are talking about the NATO command structure or different staff, then I think the problem will kick in.
    Rezumē – jāsagatavo civilā aizsardzības infrastruktūra. Vispār igauņi šādās vietnēs diezgan izpaužas. Latviešus un leišus neesmu pamanījis.


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