Dāņi norūpējušies par visiem 20%

[..] Here is how the Danish government describes the country’s way ahead:

“Denmark faces more serious threats than in any other period following the fall of the Berlin Wall. The freedom and security we value so highly cannot be taken for granted. “To the east, NATO faces a confrontational and assertive Russia. Instability in the Middle East and North Africa is fuelling militant Islamism, sowing the seeds for the threat of terror and irregular migration flows. Propaganda campaigns challenge our democratic principles and established rules, while in the Arctic, there is increased activity and military presence.” [..]


vara bungas:  Rakstā nepalaidiet garām dāņu admirāļa Vanga  (Nils Wang) viedokli:

[..] “current situation in which the Russians are less focused on a general war, and more on building capabilities for a more limited objective, controlling the Baltic States. ” [..]

VB: kontrolēt ne obligāti nozīmē iekarot, ja admirālis   lieto   taktisko terminu “control” tas vispār neparedz ieņemšanu, bet ietekmi par teritoriju, liedzot to pretiniekam (piemēram ar artilērijas uguni)*. Admirālis turpina:

[..] “The Russian defense plan in the Baltic is all about telling NATO, we can go into the Baltic countries if we decided to do so. And you will not be able to get in and get us out. That is basically the whole idea,[..]

Vērā ņemams.

*control-A tactical mission task that requires the commander to maintain physical influence over a specified area to prevent its use by an enemy. (FM 3-90)

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