A Dawn Raid in the Archipelago

Corporal Frisk

The day started with what sounded like a rare but not unique message on Twitter by the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation, the KRP:

The current search by the KRP in the premises of a company located in the Turku Archipelago may attract attention amongst boaters and holidaymakers.

However, the archipelago has seen some interesting developments during the last few years, and the innocent sounding tweet quickly caught the attention of Finnish security wonks. The developments of the day would soon show that the knee-jerk reaction was warranted.

But let’s start from the beginning: Airiston Helmi Oy was founded in 2007 as a non-public stock company for trading in real estate, and a number of the key persons behind the company were Russian nationals. The company has had just a handful of employees, and has consistently been showing figures in the red (as far as I know, it has never managed…

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11 domas par “A Dawn Raid in the Archipelago

  1. Kratīšanas ar bruņoto spēku piedalīšanos notiek mēnesi pēc somu prezidenta vizītes Sočos.
    Demokrātiskā sabiedrībā ar brīvu presi ilgtermiņā ir grūti noslēpt naidīgas aktivitātes. Krievija var nopirk kaut visu Somijas zemi, bet ja viņi neievēro Somijas likumus, īpašumi tiek konfiscēti.


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