Aizmirsts ierocis

[..] 20. Use humor.

Counter-measures are often criticized for not being entertaining and, for this reason, missing their target audience. On the other hand, stories involving false information are usually amusing. Many people consume fake news like they would junk food: knowing full-well that it is bad for them, but giving in to the pleasure. RT and Sputnik practice “infotainment,” a combination of information and entertainment, compared to which corrective measures can appear very stern. Yet experience in Europe and North America tells us that humor, satire, jokes and mockery work remarkably well against information manipulation. [..]


vara bungas:  Jaudīga franču grupējuma (joint working group  Policy Planning Staff (CAPS) of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Institute for Strategic Research (IRSEM) of the Ministry for the Armed Forces 0f FR) pētījums   par mūsdienu informatīvajām manipulatīvajām tehnikām internetā. Ja kādam praktiķim, bet īpaši politiķiem, nav laika lasīt visu darbu, izlasiet vismaz atlikušās 49 rekomendācijas 169. lp.


[..]Latvia has a working group on information threats chaired by the Media Policy Division within the Ministry of Culture and operating in partnership with other ministries, the intelligence services and representatives of Parliament[..]

Te joku nebūs.


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