Džentelmeņu Klubs

vara bungas: NBS krāsas video nepamanīju, bet gan jau kāds ar šlipsi tika nosūtīts uz šo pasākumu. Spike ATGM uz JLTV ar kaujas moduli var realizēties LT, kur jau ir divas no trim komponentēm.  LV pagaidām plāno pārvadāt Spike uz plauktiem kā čemodānus.

“For the 16th year in a row, the Spike Users Club has gathered, this time in Slovenia. The Spike missile Users Club Meeting (SUCM) was founded by the Spike user nations in June 2003, and has become a unique platform for the nations to share their knowledge and experience in using the Spike missiles, discuss lessons learned in maintenance and live-firings in training, as well as tactical lessons in combat. Developed and produced by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Spike is a 5th generation, precise electro-optical missile in use today by 31 nations (18 of which are EU and NATO members). More than 5,500 Spike missiles have already been fired around the world, both in training and in combat.”



Viena doma par “Džentelmeņu Klubs

  1. Par cik leiši turpina iepirkt arī Javelin nozīmīgos daudzumos, uz JLTV viņiem varbūt loģiskāks būs CROWS-J ar Javelin. Spike-LR uz biezajiem Bokseriem.


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