Dienas grauds

[..] Missions and capabilities are just as important as a straight two-percent target.  Canada has five C-17 heavy airlifters, giving it a strategic heavy lift capacity; Norway and Poland have none.  Canada commands a NATO brigade in Latvia, established after Russia invaded Ukraine.  It is a trip-wire mission to be sure, but other NATO nations do not have the capacity to lead NATO missions.  In fact, the latest Canadian defence white paper, Strong, Secure, Engaged, aspires to have Canada be the lead nation in at least one key mission somewhere.  With Canadian airlift and communications capabilities, it is a realistic ambition, but it’s not one to which Estonia can aspire.

On NATO’s 70th anniversary, what may we expect over the next decade or twoChange! [..] And what should NATO do? First, NATO expansion should stop. [..] Thus, we will defend the Baltic nations to the best of our ability (and even Turkey, so long as it remains in NATO) even though the late Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer asked, in a June 1, 2017 column, do we want to die for Estonia? [..]


4 domas par “Dienas grauds

  1. Vai polijai vajag strategic airlift capability??? Man domāt nē. Poļi uz galveno iespējamo kaujas var doties pa vecajiem Prūsijas ceļiem, bet uz afganistānām sabiedrotie aizvedīs. Kanādai gan vajag – konflikt ZAmerikā nav ticami, bet lai iesaistītos kautiņā Eiropā līdz kautiņam vajag nokļūt.

  2. Citātu vajadzēja turpināt, šis ir nākamais teikums.
    What may well happen in the wake of an increasingly assertive and aggressive China is that Australia and Japan could be added as associate NATO members, integrating their military capabilities with those of NATO.

    Cik latvieši atbalstītu karošanu ar Ķīnu, lai aizstāvētu Japānu?

    • Grūti pateikt, bet ja reiz vēlās, lai Japāna atbalstītu mūs, tad mums jāatbalsta Japāna. Ir runa par gadījumu, kad Japānai uzbrūk.


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