Dienas grauds

vara bungas: To visu zemāk raksta somi paši. Par sevi.  Potenciālo sabiedroto pārī  “SE-FI” mums cerīgāka izskatās SE, lai gan tai var būt grūta militāra izvēle starp darbību  3B suverenitātes aizsardzības labā   un  bezdarbību sekojot FI ilggadējai stratēģijai  “kā beigt uztraukties un sadzīvot ar RU”.  Somu mentalitāte. SE atbalsta un Gotlandes nozīmi LV drošībai nevar novērtēt par augstu, bet pirms SE kaut ko darīs  mūsu labā, tai būs jāskaidrojas ar FI, kas “sēž blakus”.

[..] The ambiguity of Finland’s formal policy is in stark contrast to the decades-long cooperation between Finland and Estonia on developing the latter’s de-fence capabilities in particular. Additionally, Finland continues to participate with sizeable units in Estonian national defence exercises, such as Kevadtorm2017 and most recently SIIL18. Operationally, Finland is happy to be transparent about the increased interoperability with Estonian and other NATO member forces, a trend which will increase as Finland prepares to participate in and host large international exercises. Yet, strategically Finland’s foreign policy elite collectively makes reserved statements which, in effect, increase regional ambiguity about Finland’s intentions. [..]




3 domas par “Dienas grauds

  1. Līdz šim mēs visi domājām – Somi gan “krutaki” savu neatkarību aizstāvēja divos karos! Izrādās, finladizacijai ir daudz smagākas sekas nekā padomju inkvizīcijai!

      • Member of Parliament Antti Häkkänen (Coalition Party) warns Finns of new security threats, and urges politicians to have a better foreign and security policy debate.
        According to Häkkänen, the United States is “to some extent” abandoning its 70-year tradition of defending Europe, at least financially, though not necessarily spiritually, as the United States now focuses more on China and the Middle East. ” and in such a situation – be it NATO, or the Nordic Defense League, or whatever – Finland should seriously consider how to make foreign, security and defense policy closer together.[..]
        According to Häkkänen, traditional warfare has been accompanied by cyber threats, which include attacks on power plants, logistics systems, or packing systems that threaten vital functions of society. Häkkänen says that the security policy debate in Finland has been at a lousy level for the last 20 years. With 5G networks, and if this debate is still NATO, yes or no, then we’re on the rack when the Chinese have all the information about us. After that, their operational capacity on land, at sea and in space is already so great that we are not doing enough for them. [..] Häkkänen points out that the economy is also a military power, and only economically successful countries will be able to obtain the necessary defense technology in the future.[..] Finland cannot count on EU security guarantees Relying on defense cooperation with Sweden, even though they are one of the pillars of broad security thinking. ”It would be completely naïve to think that they would have the same guarantees as Finland, the EU and the other Nordic countries.[..]


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