vara bungas: kā es redzu B/OMD programmu 🙂 Nu, izņemot 5.fāzi.

[..] The first phase is six weeks long and introduces the candidates to the foundations of Special Forces history, attributes, tasks, land navigation, and unconventional warfare. During the nine-week second phase, trainees focus on small-unit tactics and skills that enable them to effectively operate as part of an ODA—the twelve-soldier Operational Detachment Alpha. The small-unit training is mostly conducted in traditional “green” areas with little focus on operations in urban settings. During the sixteen-week third phase, students undertake specialized training based on their individual SF military occupational specialties to prepare them for their future roles within an ODA. This phase also contains only limited information about the opportunities and challenges generated by built-up areas. The fourth phase of the SFQC centers on a four-week culmination exercise, called Robin Sage, where students are being both trained and evaluated in their SF skills while they are performing their duties in an unconventional warfare–based scenario. The exercise is conducted on both private and public property ranging across ten counties and covering approximately 4,500 square miles. While Robin Sage includes some direct-action tasks conducted in urban settings, the main focus of the exercise is on enabling guerrillas in remote areas. The fifth phase five is twenty-five weeks long and focuses on language and culture training. Taught skills also include rapport-building techniques, cultural mitigation strategies, and interacting through interpreters. The SFQC culminates with the five-week final phase, during which students are awarded the SF tab and green beret, and also includes military free fall parachute training.[..]


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  1. Mans redzējums par mācību sadalījumu: 60% – apbūvētā vietā, 20 – mežos, 20% – pļavās.


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