Fake news

vara bungas: Burbulis pārpildīts ar memiem par to, ka Kadafi visu paredzēja attiecībā uz COVID-19 un vispār viņš bija baigais pipars, kuru ļaunie kapitālisti par to nomušīja. Piemērs..

VB: īstenībā Muamars teica citādi, turklāt ar uzsvaru uz bezmaksas vakcināciju, nekā sensacionāla, ņemot vērā tolaik aktuālo putnu gripas epidēmiju…

[..] Perhaps tomorrow there will be fish flu, because sometimes we produce viruses by controlling them. It is a commercial business. Capitalist companies produce viruses so that they can generate and sell vaccinations. That is very shameful and poor ethics. Vaccinations and medicine should not be sold. In The Green Book, I maintain that medicines should not be sold or subject to commercialization. Medicines should be free of charge and vaccinations given free to children, but capitalist companies produce the viruses and vaccinations and want to make a profit. Why are they not free of charge? We should give them free of charge, and not sell them.

The entire world should strive to protect our people, create and manufacture vaccinations and give them free to children and women, and not profit by them. [..]


VB: Toties jau nākamajā teikumā vecais pulkvedis pateica absolūtu taisnību, domāju reptiloīdi par to viņam atriebās, jo plānoja agresiju

[..] The Ottawa Convention on Landmines forbids the production of landmines. That is wrong. Landmines are defensive weapons. If I place them along the border of my country and someone wants to invade me, they may be killed. That is all right, because they are invading me. The Convention should be reconsidered. I am not taking that defensive weapon to another country. The enemy is coming to me. On the Al-Qadhafi website, I call for that treaty to be modified or annulled. This treaty should be modified or annulled. I want to use anti-personnel mines to defend my home against invasion. Eliminate weapons of mass destruction, not landmines, which are defensive weapons.[..]

Šo jāliek rāmīti un jādāvina ministram.

15 domas par “Fake news

  1. Nedaudz off topic, bet man patīk kā viņš saka ”If I place them along the border of my country and someone wants to invade me” un ”The enemy is coming to me”. Čipa es personīgi esmu Lībija, un Lībija ir es. Nedomāju ka tas ir tulkojuma pārpratums , vecais diktators pat nemēģina būt politkorekts un saka kā patiesi domā

  2. I am not taking that defensive weapon to another country.
    Iedomājos tādu pilnīgi neiespējamu scenāriju – Krievijas un Baltkrievijas armijas okupē Suvalku koridorā 100 km platu joslu un no abām pusēm – gan Lietuvas, gan Polijas teritorijā – to pamatīgi nomīnē.

  3. Posting this here because the comment doesn’t seem to go through in the off-topic section.

    Latvian plans seem very unclear to me as well. First the CVRT project, then the 4×4 procurement, now the 6×6 project, and MoD has started talking about 8×8 vehicles. What is the goal here?

    In related news, Estonia is looking at the possibility of developing its own 6×6 APC’s. The needs are clear – at least 10 artillery command vehicles are needed right now, around a 100 armored vehicles need to be replaced in the coming decade, and a total of 300 vehicles would be needed to armor both brigades.
    Estonia dropped out of the Finnish 6×6 development project mainly due to the price and also because the intention was to build them locally. Now the MoD intends to go forward with an open procurement. MoD’s procurement agency sent out a query in August to gauge how much various APC’s cost. Among the reply’s was an offering by a consortium of local manufacturers (over 20 companies). Apparently, they have already designed an armored vehicles with some international partners and are quite bullish on the perspective of building them at a reasonable cost.


    • The style in which the Ministry communicates with the public prevents a conclusion on the existence of a logical machanisation concept. The public is stripped of information, either because of the veil of secrecy, or because there is nothing behind the veil. The twitching between tracked and wheeled machines does not indicate that there is clarity about the tactical use of land forces.

    • Also, a Protolab Misu was seen in Tallinn recently, which seems to indicate that the MoD is looking at all possible options.

    • All those armored vehicle projects have their own status.

      CVRT is finished, and recently some more used cvrts have been procured, to be refurbished in LV, unlike the first round, when work was done by manufacturer

      4×4 competition was almost completed, but it was rolled back. Status is unclear, no information, noone has been publicly fired becausse of the failure.

      6×6 a small 7M R&D agreement is signed. This is moving forward very quickly.

      8×8 is mentioned in one interview by chief of defense. He could have talked about latvian space force instead. Unlikely that due to covid economic downturn there is any uncommited money that is available for 8x8s in medium term.

      Mechanization program is not made public(doesnt exist?), we can speculate only based on the bits of information in interviews etc.

  4. TBH, EE companies being bullyish doesnt surprise me at all. Low hundreds of machines sold to EDF cant cover the R&D costs, and i doubt they have all the necessary manufacturing equipment on hand. It could work if ee goverment agrees to costs+ financing model, basically throwing in money and hoping that something usable comes out. Risky with a consortium that has no prior record of producing machinery.

    Is there anything interesting details behind the paywall?

    • Well, the consortium is being lead by Milrem Robotics, who have some experience in engineering. They recently finished the Type-X prototype, which I’m sure is more complicated than an armored personnel carrier.

      At this point it is really hard to tell what happens next because all cards are on the table. The EDF isn’t short for options right now.

      • 12t type x – moving towards heavy metal direction.
        1st prototype vs tens of years of experience for established manufacturers. R&D and all kind of testing for a boutique run of APCs will be expensive as hell

        Autonomous vehicles is a new market with better chances for agile newcomers not dragged back by solutions already available in-house.

  5. Darbā šodien runāju ar Somu kolēģiem, tā ar nesapratu, vai viņi joko, vai kā, bet katrs dienējis soms, zina kā dažnedažādas mīnas uzlikt un Somija nav pievienojusies vispār šim pretmīnu paktam ????

    • Ir pievienojusies. Improvizētās mīnas/fugasi nav Otavas līguma tieši aizliegtas, tāpat kā vadāmās mīnas (claymore utml). Aizliegts ražotiepirktglabātlietot rūpnieciski ražotas, nevadāmas pretkājnieku mīnas, kas iedarbināmas nediskriminējot mērķi. Somi jau štuko ka varētu rīkot mīnulaukus pierobežā, bet aktivizējamus/deaktivizējmaus attālināti,pēc vajadzības, tas nav aizliegts.


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