On Saturday morning, October 23, a Swedish and an American Hercules plane landed on a road base on Gotland. The American rocket artillery system Himars was then grouped there. This was part of an exercise together with the United States with Swedish and American special forces to strengthen cooperation and increase defense capabilities.


And perhaps even more interesting, the #HIMARS was then loaded onto a Swedish C-130H Hercules (local designation TP 84) and moved to another location in Sweden. h/t @GripenNews#turpo=#säkpol


… nu un tad uz Spilvi


3 domas par “Arrivals

    • neitralitāte nav nīkulība – piesolīt sist utainos, ja līdīs SE, un neitralitāte 3B konflikta gadījumā ir savstarpēji nepretrunīgas politikas

  1. Interesanti arī tas, ka
    “The Army and Lockheed Martin are aiming by the end of this year to begin incorporating a multimode seeker into the Precision Strike Missile #PrSM — adding a sensor that will give the long-range weapon an option to attack ships as well as surface targets”

    Ļoti praktiski, ja HIMARS pie Rīgas spēs risināt jautājumus arī Baltijas jūrā.


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