Dienas grauds

vara bungas: Frīdmens kara laikā nav aktuāls, tomēr dažreiz ir vērts iepazīties, ko deep state par to visu domā. US ir ar mieru spēkoties pret RU un CN vienlaicīgi, bet nepieļaujot, lai grūstīšanās pārvērstos par mētāšanos ar laužņiem. Tas nozīmē, ka US panākumi nedrīkst radīt tiešu apdraudējumu CN un RU režīmu pastāvēšanai. Ja tie sabruks, tad sabruks iekšēju pretrunu dēļ. Gluži Aukstā kara laika taktika un stratēģija.

[..] America’s goal in Ukraine, then, is to deny Russia the strategic depth it wants in order to limit the Russian threat to Europe. With China, its goal is to retain American strategic depth in order to prevent China from threatening the U.S. or obtaining global reach.

The issues are similar in principle, but the stakes for the United States are not. For Washington, the China question is much more important than the Russia question. A Russian victory in Ukraine would redraw unofficial boundaries and increase risks. A Chinese success would create a more global power that challenges the U.S. and its allies around the world.

The consequences of war are always significant. U.S. involvement adds economic costs to the equation. So far, Russia has absorbed the costs. China may not be able to, considering its economy is currently vulnerable. But nations live on economics and survive on safety. In that sense, it would appear that Russia is less interested in negotiations than China is. [..] The United States is dealing with China and Russia at a fairly low price and can handle both right now. Russia and China must try to raise the cost to the U.S. but can’t afford to raise their own. [..]



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