Dienas grauds

“I believe that the policy of understanding that the Arctic region must not be militarized will get the upper hand and that NATO will not get involved in any games around Arctic problems”

Russia’s Permanent Representative at NATO Alexander Grushko

vara bungas: kā saka  viss  ir “s točnostju do naoborot” – Arktikas militarizāciju uzsāka paši krievi, par ko VB jau rakstīja. Konflikts Arktikā mums ir bīstams ar to, ka mēs tur varam būt galīgi “ņipričom”, bet sekas izjutīsim, jo LV,LT, EE  teritorija, kā arī viss Baltijas reģions kopumā, ir stratēģiski svarīgs lielvalstu plāniem  Arktikā. Vai Tu zināji,  ka LV skaitās un arī ir  sub-arktiska valsts (varbūt tādēļ aiz loga ir “zaļā ziema”) un ka  EE ir   sava Arktiskā programma? Un ka LV šādas programmas nav?

[..] First, though the US is an Arctic nation, we have not acted to protect our sovereignty in this region in the way we do elsewhere in the world. In the words of US Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft, “We’re not even in the game.” With only one aging heavy icebreaker, we have neither the military nor Coast Guard assets to mount a realistic presence in an area where Russia has recently created a new Arctic military command and is investing massively in building capacity. Norway and Canada have much more icebreaking capability than the US. Polar icebreaking is a Coast Guard mission, but despite concerted efforts of multiple Coast Guard commandants, the US has not been able to make it a national priority.[..]Third, our own security is at stake in this region. While Russian President Vladimir Putin’s precise intentions in the Arctic are unclear, he has made it clear that he sees the Arctic as part of Russia’s sphere of interest and will take steps to defend those interests and assert its sovereignty.[..]





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