Dodiet divas!

Trump team discussing Ayotte for defense secretary

By now, it should be clear to all objective observers that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not impressed by starkly worded statements and declarations, and if that is the only outcome in Wales, it could represent a historic failure of the alliance at a time when NATO’s foundational purpose has renewed relevance.

Kelly Ayotte

3 domas par “Dodiet divas!

  1. Būtu jau labi, bet nu… Esteblišmenta natsec padomdevēji pārejas komandā netiek, vai paši aiziet.

    “National security expert leaves transition team.

    Former Representative Mike Rogers stepped down on Tuesday as national security senior adviser to the Trump transition team. There is no word yet whether that means he is preparing to enter the Trump administration or returning to the world of radio and punditry. From his statement:

    “America’s challenges domestically and overseas are so enormous that we needed to move in a drastically different direction for our country. The American people felt that, and made a historic choice that shocked the political and media establishment. It was my pleasure to take to the national television and radio airwaves to highlight the stark choice between the bold change represented by President-elect Trump and the dangerous status quo represented by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I look forward to continuing to provide advice and counsel as needed to the incoming Trump administration as they work to make America great again.”

    One clue on the inner workings of the Trump national security team came Tuesday morning from Eliot Cohen, a prominent security official in George W. Bush’s White House who flirted with re-entering policy making in a new Republican administration but found that his opposition to Mr. Trump’s candidacy has consequences:

    Eliot A Cohen
    After exchange w Trump transition team, changed my recommendation: stay away. They’re angry, arrogant, screaming “you LOST!” Will be ugly.”

    • Kulturasociāciju kontekstā, ko var saprast manas paaudzes (no offence) pārstāvji, kuri atcerās 80-to gadu anekdotes.
      Vispār šī slenga izteiciena nozīme simbolizē kaut ko labu, vertīgu, trūkstošu tik lielā mērā, ka ar vienu nepietiek, tādēl “dodiet divas!”.
      Nu apmēram šādi

      алкоголик в магазине: — Дайте одну вон ту фаянсовую кису? — Это не киса, а бюст Будённого. — Афигеть, дайте две!

      Izskaidroju? 🙂


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