Kaimiņi brīdina

vara bungas: “Igauņu dienu” turpinot te būs citāts no EE  ārējās izlūkošanas dienesta jaunākā gada pārskatā, kas pilnīgi sakrīt ar VB novērojumiem, kas tika paustas  kopš SY krīzes sākuma 2013.gadā.

“[..] Baltic States are the part of NATO that it will be the easiest for Russia to attack in a crisis, to shift the balance of military power on the Baltic Sea in its favour . In terms of military planning, Russia does not look at Estonia as a separate target, but as a part of NATO . Therefore, Estonia has to be prepared for a military incursion from Russia even if the conflict between Russia and NATO is sparked by events elsewhere in the world . [..]


šeit vēl daži  vērtīgie igauņu novērojumi:

  • “[..] Russia’s civilian fleet, then, is a kind of extension of its state authorities .When needed, it can be used to gather information, to pursue military objectives, or to carry out covert oper-ations . More attention should be paid to civilian vessels sailing under the Russian flag, particularly to the condi-tions under which they are allowed to enter the territorial waters and stay in the ports of other countries .[..]
  • Regardless of the lessons learned in Ukraine and the choice of future church leader, the Russian Orthodox Church will remain dependent on the government and special services and will continue to be exploited in official propaganda to the same extent as before[..]
  • Recognised security threats include the use of Huawei or ZTE security solutions, such as firewalls, which are considered unpredictable and unsafe . With First, Chinese investment in Eu-rope has boomed significantly in recent years . Investments have been made in all sectors of the economy, but China’s investments in transport and technology are particularly notable . Second, China is increasingly using foreign investment to advance its political goals . The Chinese leadership has given both private and public companies directions to increase foreign investment in high value-added areas in order to strengthen China’s position in the global economy . Chinese companies have consistently shown great interest in Western IT and technology companies, and limited access to the United States market may increase their interest in European IT firms .[..]
  • Chinese National Intelligence Law (in force from June 2017), under which “any organisation and citizen shall, in accordance with the law, support, provide assistance, and cooperate in national intelligence work, and guard the secrecy of any national intelligence work that they are aware of ” [..] Thus, in China, as in Russia, domestic companies and foreign businesses operating there are required by law to cooperate with the state and its security agencies “

No kritiskā aspekta jāatzīmē, ka EE AID gada pārskatā nepelnīti maz uzmanības veltīts BY, jo īpaši RU militārām aktivitātēm tās teritorij“ā.

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