Is British Army Acquisition on the right track?

UK Land Power

By Nicholas Drummond

British Army modernisation has become an urgent priority, not only because existing systems have long since reached the end of their intended lifecycles, but also because the Army needs to counter new threats. Given that many new equipment programmes have been delayed by ongoing austerity, are initiatives conceived more than a decade ago still relevant? If not, how should they evolve so that Army has what it needs to be an effective deterrent force? This article looks at the Army’s acquisition record and makes suggestions about how current programmes could and should be tweaked.



When it comes to procurement, the British Army is often accused of spending its money badly. This is strange because it genuinely has excellent personnel responsible for the acquisition of new kit and they are supported by equally competent MoD civil servants.

So, the first question to ask is does the Army…

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Viena doma par “Is British Army Acquisition on the right track?

  1. Grūti ir “think big”, ja ir potenciāli iespējams premjeros tāds bigthinkers kā korbins, kurš ierosināja atteikties no Trident kodolraķetēm, bet turpināt apkalpot to zemūdenes, “lai saglabātu darba vietas”. Interesanti, ka PAT Dramonds nesaprot: “It seems strange that, just we have got Foxhound to work perfectly, it will now be replaced by the US JLTV.” . Kas līdzigs bija, kad iznīcināja NUPAT modernizētās Nimrod jūras patruļlidmašīnas un līdz pat šim brīdim palika bez jebkādām.


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