Dienas grauds

“[..] Apart from direct economic and political consequences, there are military applications for the pipeline which would concern NATO. Nord Stream 2, costing roughly $12 billion, provides a useful excuse for the Russian Federation to further militarize the Baltic Sea to protect its investment. Or, as Moscow would likely say, the energy security for all of Europe. Furthermore, the pipeline can be used to deploy intelligence gathering capabilities. Evidence claims Russia has already done so with Nord Stream 1 and Turk Stream. Sandra Oudkirk, the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy has reiterated such concerns stating, “The planned Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany raises U.S. intelligence and military concerns since it would allow Moscow to place new listening and monitoring technology in the Baltic Sea.” The Nord Stream pipelines lie, on average, 80-110 meters underwater – a depth well-suited for underwater surveillance equipment. Without further need to speculate, in 2016 the Russian Ministry of Defense began the deployment of their global underwater acoustic surveillance system, with the goal “to detect and identify all surface and underwater objects, as well as low-flying aircrafts, in the key areas of the World Ocean. “Even without the Nord Stream pipelines, Moscow views the Baltic Sea as geographically important. Therefore, NATO can be sure that this will be one such “key area,” especially when coupled with a recent statement by the Kremlin’s chief foreign policy advisor, Sergey Karaganov {2016.gada intervija -VB):

“Now, fears in countries like Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia are to be allayed by NATO stationing weapons there… In a crisis, we will destroy exactly these weapons. Russia will never again fight on its own territory… We currently find ourselves in a situation where we don’t trust you in the least… You should know that we are smarter, stronger, and more determined. [..} ”



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