Dienas grauds

vara bungas: SE bloga cornucopia ieraksta mašīntulkojums par US zaļo berešu vizīti:

“According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the American special forces Gröna baskrarna are stationed full time in Sweden, where they train the Swedish Home Guard in planning sabotage, fire attacks and other efforts to disrupt a Russian occupation.

The Green Berets are the US Army’s special forces, and are thus stationed full-time in Sweden to help the Home Guard in guerrilla warfare against a Russian occupation, appears in an article about Sweden’s rearmament to face the aggressive dictatorship Russia.

DEVGRU’s (incorrectly known as Seal Team Six)’s previous presence in the autumn was thus only a temporary reinforcement from the US Navy’s special forces, while the Green Berets belong to the army.

The article also specifically points out the 76th Air Landing Division in Pskov as the Russian unit that will first be landed on Gotland in an attack on Sweden, something that of course Swedish politicians or even the Armed Forces would never openly say to the Swedish press.

You get to see the article in WSJ as strategic communication. The USA has special forces permanently stationed in Sweden and helps the Home Guard in planning sabotage, fire attacks and other efforts against a Russian occupation of parts of the country.”

citāts no WSJ raksta:

“[..]For several weeks this fall, an American Green Beret team worked with Gotland’s Home Guard detachment to practice resistance operations, a plan that leans heavily on the part-time soldiers’ intimate knowledge of the area. In one training scenario, a Home Guard soldier tapped his network of friends and family to find a mock enemy infiltrator; the soldier’s brother reported by cellphone that the man was hiding in the backyard.”

“During one training exercise, a U.S. Special Forces team flew by helicopter from Estonia to Muskö, a Swedish naval base built in a vast network of underground docks and tunnels, for a rendezvous with Swedish commandos and Home Guard soldiers.

Over several days, they traveled back roads in civilian vehicles and cruised the Stockholm archipelago in high-speed patrol boats hunting for an enemy command-and-control vessel. They dodged enemy maritime patrols, evaded enemy search dogs and sidestepped civilian deer hunters stalking through the mock combat zone.

The Swedish and American commandos spotted the enemy ship docked at a civilian harbor and called in a simulated Tomahawk missile strike from the USS Ross, a destroyer. Swedish Home Guard soldiers extracted the Americans by boat and hid them in a cabin until a U.S. helicopter picked them up.” [..]”


VB drīzāk piekrīt šim komentētājam (zemāk), jo nopietnam un praktiskam pasākumam šajā gadījumā ir par daudz publicitātes. Savukārt SE signāliem RU virzienā ar to pilnīgi pietiek.

Svinto2021-01-05 20:08

As I wrote about earlier, in the 80’s we had our own training of guerrilla fighters. Then it was Norrlandsjägarna who had that role. The purpose was to delay the Soviet advance through Norrland.

A typical operation was to be strategically deployed either by a tracked vehicle or by helicopter for attacks that cannot be won, but to delay. And then regroup for new attacks.

The attack is prepared with escape routes, mines that are set up when fleeing, strategic places where part of the government can hold back the enemy, perhaps only temporarily.

Then the attack. From a higher position, at least 2 Carl Gustav fires at the first and last vehicle in the convoy. Simultaneous fire with everything you have for about 2 minutes until the enemy begins to organize. Late escape and accommodation of prepared anti-personnel mines on the road.

Do not think that the Home Guard can do it at that level, or even at all.

This is simply a political dummy, a potemkin backdrop.

Recruiting foreign staff is only because it has good political weight, but completely without practical significance.


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