Neglīts kā Koijots

vara bungas: EE pērk Coyote 6×6 CRV ? Domāju tikai dažus Mali (Barkhane) operācijas vajadzībām. Bet UK pret EE kā džentelmenis, aizdod šakāļus, nevis dāvina. Lai gan varētu…

The UK is loaning the Jackal 2 vehicles to the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) while they await the delivery of their Coyote armoured reconnaissance vehicles. The Jackals will be loaned until March 2021 or earlier if the Coyotes are delivered before then.

UK loans Estonia four Jackal vehicles to support counter-terror mission in Mali

4 domas par “Neglīts kā Koijots

  1. The Jackals had a bit too much trouble with mobility in Mali, so that is why ESTSOF wanted Coyotes. During rain periods, the ground became too soft and the Jackals would get stuck. I think in Afghanistan they used MaxxPro’s, but those would have been too big and heavy, and wouldn’t have good situational awareness. ESTSOF also used/use enduro bikes in Mali.

  2. šķiet poļi ja 4 gadus ražo uz Latvijas valsts mežu hiļakiem krāmējamus pretgaisa Kuzjas


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