Where are we? (2)

Originally posted on Ted Campbell's Point of View … an old soldier's thoughts on shoes and ships and sealing wax and many other things. I self describe as a classical liberal ~ which means, in 21st century Canada, that I’m a Conservative. I believe in four fundamental rights for each and every individual: Life, Liberty and Property, as described by John Locke in 17th century England, and Privacy, as defined by Brandeis and Warren in 19th century America. Your comments are welcome, but my views (and obvious biases) are pretty well established after 75+ years.:
Nearly a year ago I commented on a new Russian Arctic military base and asked “Where…

Vēji Baltijas jūras reģionā

[..] Broadly speaking, two scenarios for a Russian campaign in the BSR (Baltic Sea Reģion) appear possible: A low-key, possibly opportunistic, campaign that exploits real or manufactured discontent among Russian compatriots to destabilize one or […]

Vizualizēts A2/AD

vara bungas: Labāk vienu reizi A2/AD kupolus ieraudzīt, nekā simts reizes par to dzirdēt.  Karte ir interaktīva. Jāpiezīmē, ka autori vadījās no konservatīviem pieņēmumiem par RU raķešu tāldarbību. “…In the event of a crisis, such […]