Dienas grauds

“[..] Dispersed fighting, whether the dispersal is caused by the terrain, the lack of supplies or by the weapons of the enemy, will have two main requirementsskilled and determined junior leaders and selfreliant, physically-hard, well disciplined troops. [..] Success in future land operations will depend on the immediate availability of such leaders and such soldiers, ready to operate in small independent formations. They will have to be prepared to do without regular lines of communications, to guide themselves and to subsist largely on what the country offers.[..]
“[..]Unseen, unheard and unsuspected, they will converge on the enemy, and, when they do reveal themselves in strength, they will be so close to him that he will be unable to atomise them without destroying himself. [..]
Viscount Slim, Field-Marshal,
Commander, British 15th Army, Defeat to the Victory (1956)

vara bungas: Interesanti ka šo citātu, ks attiecas uz mazo vienību (līdz bataljonam) taktiku darbojoties atrauti no galvenajiem spēkiem, iecienījuši un izmanto savās pamācībās gan īru teroristi, gan US armijas Apvienotais štābs.  Es aizķēros aiz šo citātu, jo agresīvi un zinoši nodaļu komandieri, kas vada disciplinētus un labi sagatavotus karavīrus situācijā, kad vadība ir tālu un var paļauties tikai uz sevi un savām spējām ir tas, kas visvairāk trūkst NBS.


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