Dienas grauds

“[..] There are real world effects of the amateur diplomacy I warned against last year. I marvel at the combination of ignorance and mendacity required of our Vice President to claim repeatedly, “The US has never been more respected in the world.” The complete opposite is true, as demonstrated in numerous opinion surveys. This government has renounced a leadership role in the exact fields that marked the last seventy years as “the American Century”: free trade; human rights; promotion of democracy; fighting global poverty; nonproliferation and arms control. Our President’s pronouncements sound ever more like those of President Putin and President Xi: less grammatical than theirs, but equally oblivious to facts. When we vacate leadership, we abandon the opportunity to spread our goals and values. This void is filled by other countries and their interests. [..]”

Thomas M. Countryman career diplomat,  former Assistant Secretary of State (US)



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