Tas, kas nokrita (papildināts 19.09.)

[..] The Il-20 is an ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) platform: it is equipped with a wide array of antennas, IR (Infrared) and Optical sensors, a SLAR (Side-Looking Airborne Radar) and satellite communication equipment for real-time data sharing, the aircraft is Russian Air Force’s premiere spyplane.

Russian Il-20s regularly perform long-range reconnaissance missions in the Baltic region, flying in international airspace with its transponder turned off; a standard practice for almost all ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) aircraft. However, at least twice in the last couple of years Russian Coot spyplanes flying close to civilian airports or congested airways were involved in “air proximity” incidents: in March 2014, a SAS Boeing 737 with 132 people almost collided with an Il-20 Coot, about 50 miles to the southwest of Malmö, Sweden; in December 2014, a Canadair CRJ-200 from Cimber Airlines was involved in a near collision with an Il-20 halfway between Ystad, Sweden and Sassnitz, Germany.

In Syria, the aircraft will probably perform intelligence gathering missions, eavesdropping into IS militants communications, detecting their systems’ emissions to build an Electronic Order of Battle of ISIS in the region,  and pinpointing their positions. [..]


vara bungas: Vai nokrita vai notrieca un kas notrieca, tas ir politisks jautājums  – ēbreji, francūži, arābi – pēc izvēles. Teorētiski SAA PGA varēja būt  aprīk0ta ar “svešais-savējais” (friend-or-foe) atpazīšanas sistēmu, tomēr RU diezgan negribīgi dalās ar šo tehnoloģiju. Ja asadiešiem tās nebija, tad viss var gadīties.

[..]Россия передала Сирийской Арабской Республике до 40 зенитных ракетно-пушечных комплексов “Панцирь-С1”.[..]


UPD1 Putinam būs laba iespēja patēlot cietušo un apsūdzēt NATO, domāju Asada vai ēbreju kļūdu neatzīs. Tehniskā kļūme būtu pašā laikā.

UPD2 Kļūdījos, Putins nevēlas eskalēt konfliktu (variants: “Putin zassal”). Jāuzteic US un RU zibenīgo reakciju medijos.

[..]МОСКВА, 18 сен — РИА Новости. Российский Ил-20 был сбит ракетой комплекса с-200 сирийских ПВО, заявил официальный представитель Минобороны России генерал-майор Игорь Конашенков.[..]


UPD3 iespējami vainīgā sistēma

[..]  Syria
Believed to be the first country outside of the Soviet Union to use S-200s, Syria purchased a total of eight S-200 Angara launchers and 96 missiles from the USSR between 1982 and 1985.8 During this time period, the system was deployed at three locations: the city of Homs, Dumayr (northeast of Damascus), and the southern city As Suwayda.9 Until 1985, however, the S-200s were manned by Soviet antiair specialists.10 As of 2014, five S-200 sites in Syria were believed to be active.11


UPD4  Ticamākā versija

UPD5 Papildina iepriekšējo UPD

[..] reality is that the Israeli aircraft would not have had the ability or need to use a large, slow Russian turboprop aircraft as cover. They carried out their strikes and almost certainly had departed the area before the Syrian forces had realized they were under attack and activated their air defense systems. The Syrian military has a history of launching air defense missiles late, after incurring damage from hostile forces. The same tactic was used in response to NATO missile strikes on suspected Syrian chemical weapons facilities in April 2018. One suspects that this is done so that Syrian military officials can report to their leaders that they “did something” in response.[..]


20 domas par “Tas, kas nokrita (papildināts 19.09.)

  1. Izskatās, ka Izraēlas piloti būs Il-20 veiksmīgi izmantojuši kā slēpni.
    “Россия расценивает действия израильских военных в районе Латакии как враждебные, заявил официальный представитель Минобороны генерал-майор Игорь Конашенков.
    По его словам, израильские летчики, прикрываясь Ил-20, подставили его под удар сирийских ПВО.


    • Šaubas lielas:
      1. Droši nav zināms attālums no krasta, līdz ar to var spekulēt ka SAA PGA nav ar ko aizsniegties
      2. ar S-400 operē RU karavīri, tātad diez vai tas bija S-400
      3. SAA rīcībā esošā Pantzir S-1 raķete šauj max uz 20 km
      4. SAA rīcībā bija jābūt friend-or-foe
      5. RU “jāsaglabā seju” tādēļ versijas par “podstaviļi”.

  2. Vēsmas:
    Rogacki said there will be slots opening up on the new cyber warfare support battalion, which will be used to integrate intelligence, cyber, electronic warfare, signals, information operations and fires all into one formation. Additional slots will open in the intelligence, cyber, electronic warfare, space detachment (ICEWS) within the multidomain task force that will integrate all those capabilities plus signal, information operations and targeting.


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