Akurāt laikā (papildināts 22.11.)

The Interpreter obtained a total of eight KGB manuals, four of which were used in Weiss’ series. Now we are making all these manuals available to be downloaded in the Russian original, and also providing some translations of the table of contents and notes and summary translations of the contents for four of the manuals not previously covered.



1.lasāmviela kā kārtīgs spiegu trilleris, jo balstās uz reāliem aģentu stāstiem

Download Russian Original of Exposure of Enemy Set-ups (1971)

2.noderīga grāmatiņa visiem, kas mēdz apceļot plašo RU, nekas nav mainījies, esiet uzmanīgi

Download Russian Original of Political Espionage from USSR Territory (1989)

3.Āfrikas specifika

Download Russian Original of Acquisition and Training of Agents (1988)

4.Mūsu tēma 🙂  !

Download Russian Original of Use of Soviet Cultural Committee (1968)

5.Lēnai un uzmanīgai lasīšanai 😉 gadi iet, gadsimti mainās, bet  cilvēku vājības tās pašas

Download Russian Original of Work with Agents’ Network (1970)


UPD1 Stāsts iz dzīves

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