2 domas par “Trešais atamans

  1. Nu šis esot pēc jūras kājnieku prasībām. Tās ir visai specifiskas. Arī AAV ir apmēram tajos pašos izmēros un svarā un visi jaunie projekti ir tikai lielāki.
    Iz sūrās jūras kājnieku dzīves:

    • Tradīciju turpina arī jaunais ACV:
      ACV 1.1 is based on an 8×8 wheeled amphibious platform developed by Iveco Defence Vehicles. The armoured hull of the vehicles has been developed using mine-resistant floor materials.
      The ACV can be launched and recovered from the sea using a ship. It can perform operations smoothly even in the adverse sea state 3 conditions.
      The vehicle is designed to accommodate three crew members and 13 dismounted troops. It offers enough space to carry supplies required for the incumbents to survive for two continuous days.
      Overall length of the vehicle is 8.9m, while its width and hull height are 3.1m and 2.8m respectively.
      ACV 1.1 has a gross weight of 67,500lb (30,617kg) and can carry a maximum payload of 7,280lb (3,302kg).


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