10 domas par “Dienas grauds

    • Doable if one has political will. But it is intra-ministerial planning document not worth the paper it is written on. Government approved doc is a whole different thing.

      Also read carefully – “tuvāko gadu laikā”= mańana

    • My bad, it is in the newly approved defence strategy.
      Well, we had a law on raising health sector salaries, passed by current parliament and disregarded by current government. I will start to believe when i see money being put behind the words.
      8000 professional soldiers is the most challenging part, but that can be evaded by assigning some mil status to civilian support personnel after 2 week training course, as discussed in this blog.
      Reserve number will be filled by kids undergoing VAM
      ZS number will be incresed by raising max age

    • We dont really know either, at least I dont. Its more wishful thinking than anything, since there is no real set end date to when those numbers need to be reached

      • Well there are dates, 2024 for 8000 soldiers, 10000 ZS and 6000 reserve. 2027 for 12000 ZS.
        thats according to ther draft proposal, couldnt find the approved version, but i would be surprised to see any changes. Round numbers=bullshit. Capabilities need specific number

    • These figures are like beacons rather than a task, and four years later there will be a new concept in which they can be adjusted.
      Easiest part to complete is the chapter on reserve soldiers, since it would include volunteering pupils after minimally militarized “tourism” training course in their respective civilian schools, as well as non-voluntary men not prolonging their contracts of professional service. You can enter service once, but you can not completely leave it.

      More difficult is to recruit professional soldiers pulling them out of the civil economic to professional military service, but it is also possible, especially in case of a deteriorating economic situation, because service in the army is kind of safe harbor.
      Most difficult part is to raise the number of home guards to 12K, which is scheduled to be done by 2027, not by 2024. But since the home guards are counted nominally, it also can be done by not discharging absentees from lists.

      In general, the course continues for a small professional “single operation” army without a substantial mobilization reserve. I do not like it, but it seems not reparable from inside. Recommendations should come from NATO level, because either LV is wrong with it`s army concept or LT&EE.

      • That Zemessardze membership number is the most perplexing one to me. AFAIK, the number of members has been relatively stagnat for at least a decade, if not more. How the hell do they intend to recruit 50% more members?
        I mean, Estonian Defence League has a target of 30,000 members (that includes men, women and youth) by 2026, according to official documents. I would consider even that to be a fairly optimistic target, even though currently there are ~26,000 members and membership has been continously increasing. That is a much more modest increase of about 15% (though the total number is similar), plus there is a potential recruitment base thanks to conscription. How Zemessardze intends to achieve their goal remains a mistery to me.


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