Centrabēdzes policists

vara bungas: EE izveidota centriski kreisa valdība – slikts piemērs LV. Mūs visvairāk interesējošais jaunais aizsardzības ministrs pabijis abās valdību veidojošās partijās:

Kalle Laanet, 55, will become defense minister.

He has been a Reform MP since 2015 and was Deputy Riigikogu speaker 2018-2019. 

Additionally, Laanet has a long history in law enforcement. He was deputy director of Europol (2011-2015) and former head of the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA).

He was previously a member of the Center Party until 2012 and minister of interior between 2005-2007. Before that, Laanet was prefect of the Western Police Prefecture and had other roles in law enforcement.

He has been a member of Reform since 2014.

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9 domas par “Centrabēdzes policists

  1. Par labējām-centriskām-kreisām partijām varam aizmirst.
    ir vismaz 3 neatkarīgas asis: konservatīvie-sociāli liberāli, ekonomiski liberālie-sociālisti + etniskā pozicionēšanās

    Reformu partija man nešķiet centriska, drīzāk gan ekonomiski, gan sociāli liberāla, kaut kādā mērā V!-AttPar. Centra partija gan ir pabalstu un krievu partija – SC analogs.

    Valdība nebūs tik kolorīta, bet pretrunas koalīcijā būs vēl dziļākas

    • SC analoga Igaunijā nav. Centra partija ir igauņu sociāldemokrātu partija kur bija daudz veco komunistu. Latvijā tai tuvāka ir ZZS.

  2. He isn’t really liked in non-professional military circles here.
    Also, during a recent political kerfuffle over a really meaningless topic, he (along with his party) proposed a “sarcastic” question for a referendum, which basically said: “Should Estonia leave NATO?”
    Many people are really pissed over this. It is not something politicians should EVER play with.

    • Mb not best choice for MoD position, but at least good professional in his field of occupation. Seasoned politicians could better hide their thoughts. Laanet seems to me very honest person and brave to speak out.
      Btw thanks for adding “kerfuffle” to my vocabulary 🙂

  3. Also, the former defence minister, Jüri Luik, is a really respected, professional and well connected person. This change is definitely a serious downgrade.

  4. Bet mums tieši ZZS valdība ielika naudu ieročos – haubicēs, Spike, CVRT. Te gan jautājums, kur nosaka politiku – rīgā vai vašingtonā

  5. Just saw a good article about our long-term defence development plans:
    I Google translated the important part:
    “If RKAK 2030 is planned on the basis of the 2019 forecast (defense expenditure according to the 2030 2019 forecast, 2% of GDP, on the basis of the post-crisis economic forecast 2.23%), the capability development proposal is as follows:
    * Increasing the operational structure from 24,000 to 26,000 fighters + creating 4,000 additional reserves
    * Creation of digital control and communication capabilities (real-time situation picture, control interference immunity)
    * Acquisition of armor, armaments and equipment for foreign operations (currently “borrowed” from units located in Estonia)
    * Ability of the Land Defense Structure (Defense League) to operate in a dispersed territory throughout the country + increase to 9500 fighters;
    * Establishment of a mobile artillery battalion for the 2nd Infantry Brigade
    * Strengthening the anti-tank capability of land protection (replacement of 90mm cannons with modern medium-range anti-tank)
    * Procurement of marine defense missile systems
    * Acquisition of naval mine warfare capabilities
    * Increasing the carrying capacity of the logistics battalion
    * Financing of the military protection unit created for the Northern Division

    Things that do not fit into the currently known resource framework, but would be the following suggestions from the KVJ if additional resources are found:
    * Supplying armored battalions of the 2nd Infantry Brigade with armored vehicles (up to 180 armored vehicles); 0.06% * of GDP per year (creation cost 151 million / maintenance 5.3 million per year)
    * Strengthening intelligence capabilities of brigades (combined use of capabilities: UAV, sensors, intelligence, fire control) 0.02% of GDP per year (creation cost 10.8 million / maintenance cost 6 million per year).

    The following new capabilities would have a higher priority as 3B, ie joint Baltic projects:
    * Central air defense 0.15% of GDP per year; (290 million / 18.2 million)
    * Multi-barreled missile launcher system 0.05% of GDP per year; (109 million / 4.2 million)
    * Patrol vessels 0.08% of GDP per year; (136 million / 11.8 million)”


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