Dienas grauds

vara bungas: Stāsts ne par mums kamēr netiks definēts aktīvās rezerves jēdziens. Tā kā tagad, tās ir mokas un pašdarbība. Paskaidrošu: rez. karavīrs, kurš piedalās mācībās brīvprātīgi, biežāk nekā no viņa var prasīt saskaņā ar likumu, juridiski ne ar ko neatšķiras no rez.karavīra, kurš mācībās atstrādā pienākumu labi, ja reizi mūžā līdz maksimālā vecuma sasniegšanai. Attiecīgi katru reizi ar de facto aktīvās rezerves pārstāvi sistēma apietas kā ar “pirmo reizi mācībās”. Nav mirstama kaite, bet nekārtība noteikti.

[..] I had a dream today. I had a beautiful dream that I am living in a country where the officers who have been working for the good of their homeland for years, are respected. Where their acquis is appreciated, without ungrounded undermining of the reputation of theirs. Their loyalty and commitment are valued, their experience, knowledge, and skills do not go to waste. There is a drive to make it possible for them and to make them willing to use these predispositions in the state administration organs and in economic entities tied to the national sectors, at the state level, and at the private level as well. They work as consultants, experts, and advisers in activities between the state, and the business. They conduct training, work as lecturers, outlining the threats and patterns that can be adopted to protect the basic national, social, and economic interest. This is what they have been dealing with. But the dream has gone by, and scarily enough, it was just a dream. Dreams as such do come true, however. There are some states where this dream has become reality.[..]

Brig. general. ret. Paweł Pruszyński, former Deputy Head of the Internal Security Agency (ABW)


11 domas par “Dienas grauds

  1. tagad PD dižk./kapr./seržants ir lielākā vērtē kā jebkurš virsnieks ar 5-25 gadu izdienu, bet kā ārrindas zemessargs. šķiet, rezerves karavīram ir līdzīgs statuss kā zemessargam?!

    • Zemessargs juridiski nesen tika pievilkts līdz rez.karavīra statusam, jo rez.karavīram dalība karā nekad nebija brīvprātīga. Tagad arī zs nāksies ne tikai piedalīties mācības sev ērtajā laikā, bet arī ierasties un karot būs pienākums.
      Kas tas par jauno laiku virsnieku, kas nevar pildīt seržanta funkcijas ZS?

      • Kas gan tas par PD kaprāli, kas nevarētu pildīt S-… (ieliec vajadzīgo) vai rotas komandiera pienākumus?! 😀

        • kas tas par Airbaltic pilotu, kas nav pilotējis four seater. Kompetences šeit nav paralēlas, bet papildinošas. Kurš ticis tālāk var arī pakāpties zemāk.

  2. I have to report this here. An incredible betrayal of Estonian national defence has been committed this week. Our new government has decided to cut defence spending in the next four years, down to 2% GDP. This is going to jeapordize all current and future development of defence. And they (including the new Defence Minister) outright lied that everything is going to be fine and development will continue according to established plans. That is bullshit. Damage to our defence is going to be immeasurable and it will extend much further beyond the planned four year period.

    • Pity, now you are not 3B leader in military spending, but just one among others. We will see how covid will impact LV budget, I do not expect anything good.

      • The ironic thing is that this is done by the party that scared their voters with the “Russia card”. Now they are doing pretty much what Russia would hope for. Absolute hipocrisy.

      • Догна́ть и перегна́ть! We cannot estoina pass us, we should cut the expenses to 1.5% in 2 years.
        Hundreds of millions of euros per year wasted on Airbaltic must come from somewhere, defence spending is a good candidate

    • This is the current scenario according to the Commander of EDF:
      *No new capabilities
      *2nd Infantry Brigade will need to be closed and restructured to smaller units
      *Current force structure will reduce from 24 200 down to 22 000
      *Plans for initial self-defence will need to be changed
      *Protection of South-Eastern Estonia and EDF’s capability to hold and control these areas will decrease

      • In Latvia party who most scared their voters with the “Russia card” in 2014 elections, held defence spending at around 1%, planned to reduce it to ~ 0.7% and talk that everything is fine and smart.


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