Atrasts “pazaudētais” gads

[..] We postulate that the military (OMD- VB) socialization process cultivates new skills (human capital), new social networks (social capital), and new social norms and codes of behavior (cultural capital). Those three together are what we identify as military capital. We assert that conscripts absorb the military capital, or part of it, while in service and ‘export’ it into the civil-sphere where it converts well, especially in the hi-tech sector. [..] The high proportions of military capital in the hi-tech industry come to effect in three ways: 1. Reproduction of the military capital in the industry, 2. a link to military resources and knowledge, and 3. importing the military organizational and practical culture into the industry [..]


vara bungas:  Interesants pētījums par Izraēlas OMD ietekmi uz augsti kvalificētu specialistu karjeru un hi-tech sektoru kopumā.


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