Debesis aizvērās

vara bungas: Tas arī ir Trampa darbošanās rezultāts. Izlūkošana visām pusēm kļūs dārgāka, jo īpaši tām, kurām nav vai ir maz savu izlūkošanas satelītu. 3B gaisa telpas vērtība, nozīme un pievilcība izlūkošanas lidojumiem pieaugs.

Krievija piektdien paziņojusi, ka izstāsies no Atvērto debesu līguma.



Viena doma par “Debesis aizvērās

  1. Meant as a reply to Pipars in off-topic (still can’t post there for some reason):

    Base price of a new Patria 6×6 is reported to be 500k euros. If you add weapons, comms and other such necessary things, the price will increase further.
    Estonian Defence Forces will repair/overhaul the current fleet of APC’s. However, older XA-180 models (around 50 of them) will need to be replaced after 2025. They will last until 2028 with modernization, but not much beyond that. The newer XA-188 APC’s will be used beyond 2040.
    D-30 howitzers will also need to be replaced in the 2025+ timeframe. The EDF is considering buying another batch of K9 SPH’s then. FH-70 will be conserved as backup, but not as active reserve.
    The main issue is always money, of course.


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